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Kaleb is Crawling

As many of you know premature babies take a little longer to start reaching milestones unlike full term babies. This week #TeamKaleb reached a great milestone and is learning to crawl.

We are always eager to give others advice and even offer help when someone else is in need. Sometimes it’s easier for us to see the strength and talent in others more than ourselves. Just as you advise others, Say things to yourself to stay encouraged. Don’t sit on the side line waiting for your destiny to come to you. Find a way to move forward. #TeamKaleb is feeling much better. His nurse called me in tears & said “Kaleb just crawled” I rushed home, he hasn’t done it for me yet, but I know it will become his new norm. Then he’s going to sit up, walk, talk and run on his own. I just know it. Thanks for all the prayers #BabyBuns #13ozofFaith #Micropreemie

Watch Kaleb crawl in this video for his nurses. He is getting stronger everyday and starting to crawl more and more everyday.

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